Flippa for iPhone

Download on the App Store (iPhone only)

If this App Store link is down, I probably stopped paying my Apple developer fee

This was a side project I made with my friend / housemate for our 😵‍💫 lockdown 😵‍💫 game studio House Games. He did most of the development work in Unity, while I thought of the idea and the look and feel of it all. It’s very, very simple and was honestly a fun way to just use my App Store developer account and to learn a bit of Unity.

The game is this: imagine you drop a set of cards and then pick them back up. You’ll have to flip and rotate the cards to create a neat, tidy deck.

Incredibly silly idea but it’s honestly kinda fun in a tidy way. And was very fun to make pink and purple playing card designs.







Some early card designs
These card designs are the closest I get to crashing Figma – a lot of component elements
The app icon – maybe a little vague
Download on the App Store (iPhone only)