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Weatherzone Advertising website

Like, Weatherzone Advertising is a responsive, interactive website that promotes the benefits of Weatherzone for potential advertising partners.

I worked directly with the Weatherzone advertising team to discuss requirements, create mockup designs and work through feedback from a number of stakeholders. There was a fairly tight deadline, which required the work to be done in just a few weeks.

I wrote and adapted existing copy and built the page from scratch with HTML, CSS and Javascript. The site was created during the COVID pandemic, meaning the design process was very different and a lot more independent when compared to previous projects.

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Weatherpulse video graphics package

Weatherpulse is Weatherzone’s daily weather news show hosted by meteorologist Ben Domensino. As a daily show, it was important to create a dynamic graphics package that could be updated easily by the video editor.

Working with Ben and the team I created a refreshed graphics package for the show. This included a 3D intro and outro animation, logo animations, lower-thirds, backgrounds and more. Elements such as the intro and lower-thirds utilised features of Adobe After Effects to allow for quick changes, such as a special show title or a different lower-third name and job title.

Outside of this longer project I also created ad-hoc 3D graphics for Weatherpulse, usually within a tight deadline.

Sample episode (Twitter)

↘️ In This Project is a responsive, interactive promotional website for the Weatherzone mobile app. I mocked up the designs, created a prototype in Invision for stakeholders, wrote the copy and built the page from scratch with HTML, CSS and Javascript. The page is static, but does include interactive elements such as the ‘An Australian photo for every condition’ buttons. It also includes silent video elements that I created with Adobe After Effects and CSS animations.

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Weatherzone Labs – iOS

Will add details to this project soon.

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